What is CP-ET ?

CP-ET stands for “Certified Professional – Exploratory Testing” certification prepared and honored by Agile Testing Alliance.
The course is applicable for all roles and not just “testers”. Knowledge, experience & certification is consciously designed to focus on “agile testing” and not just on “agile testers”

How is it useful ?

CP-ET helps you explore and master ways to test effectively in DevOps projects using Exploratory Testing approach. It starts with learning about product under test and analyze the use stories. Creating agile test strategy to expose risks and plan better. Decide on how much to test, prioritization and how to add value to the product using testing. It also covers measuring exploratory testing coverage and reporting findings to the stakeholders. This is completely hands on course focuses on keeping sprints on time and deal with late discovery of bugs and recurring defects.

What is the high-level Course Content?

Introduction and Acknowledgements [ 1 hr ]
Scripted vs Exploratory Approach [ 1 hr ]
Understand the context and mission [ 1 hr ]
Planning, Estimating in ET [ 3 hrs ]
Types of Exploration [ 1 hr ]
Charters and Sessions [ 1 hr ]
Test ideas and bugs [ 2 hrs ]
Different quality criteria and how they can be achieved in ET [3 hrs]
How do you achieve coverage [ 1 hr ]
How do you report in ET [ 1 hr ]
Tools [ 1 hr ]
ET in Different Projects [ 1 hr ]
Continuous Learning [ 1 hr ]
Demo and Exercises [ 6 hrs ]

Am I Eligible ?

Anyone having more than 3 years of experience in testing is eligible for CP-ET. If you have already done CP-BAT then you automatically qualify for this course provided you have 1 year experience. If you have attended the “Exploratory Testing in Agile and DevOps Projects” workshop, then you are entitled to take this certification exam directly.

Duration ?

CP-ET is designed specifically for corporates and working professionals alike. If you are a corporate and can’t dedicate full day for training, then you can opt for either 6 half days course or 3 full days course which is followed by theory and practical exams.