What is CP-HDF ?

CP-HDF stands for “Certified Professional – Hadoop Foundation” certification prepared and honored by DevOps++ Alliance and Agile Testing Alliance.
The course is applicable for all roles and knowledge, experience & certification is consciously designed all the roles in who want to learn Big Data in practical manner.

How is it useful ?

Big Data is not a technology per say, it is a phrase used to quantify data sets that are so large and complex that they become difficult to exchange, secure, and analyze with typical tools. These courses on big data show you how to solve these problems, and many more, with leading IT tools and techniques.

Organizations are learning that important forecasts can be made by sorting through and analyzing Big Data. As more than 75% of this data is “unstructured”, it must be formatted in a way that makes it suitable for data mining and further analysis.

Hadoop is fundamental platform for structuring big data, and resolves the problem of formatting it for subsequent analytics purposes. It is an Apache open source framework written in java that permits distributed processing of large datasets across collections of computers with the help of simple programming models. It provides massive storage for any type of data, huge processing power and the capability to handle virtually limitless parallel tasks or jobs.

Am I Eligible ?

There are no pre-requisites for this certification. Any IT professional interested in truly understanding Big Data in practical manner can do this course.

Duration ?

CP-HDF is designed specifically for corporates and working professionals alike. If you are a corporate and can’t dedicate full day for training, then you can opt for either 6 half days course or 3 full days course which is followed by theory and practical exams.